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Healthcare Supply Chain

Our expertise enables us to assist healthcare in sourcing supplies and implementing technologies that allow organizations to provide for patients at scale. Our experience includes:


  • Optimizing supply chain strategies

  • Product sourcing

  • Product development

  • Developing and implementing corporate finance and investor relations strategies

  • Strategies to develop and grow brands

Healthcare Technology  

The healthcare industry is now the world's fastest-growing industry. To adapt to the world needs organizations are requiring innovative technologies to track needs and demand.  Our focus and expertise are centered around the following: 


  • Evaluating the business processes in both small and nationwide healthcare practices.

  • Health trends, in the U.S., Canada, Israel, Latin America and elsewhere.

  • Software implementation and revenue modeling

  • Assistance with user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)

  • Supply chain technology implementation 


The way people do business is changing rapidly. More technology is available to help companies minimize costs and accelerate growth. Our team has worked on countless implementations helping middle-market and enterprise organizations use technology to put them ahead of their competitors.

  • Evaluation of business process

  • Business-oriented review of sales and marketing technology

  • Assistance in implementing tools that speed up demand generation

  • Evaluation of revenue targets

  • Cost reduction strategies supplemented by​​ automation technology

Emerging Industries

Over the years we have enabled hundreds of growing businesses and entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams. 


Our expertise includes the following industries and sectors:


  • Software and application development

  • Manufacture and sale of industrial products and commodities

  • Solar and wind energy

  • Medical devices

  • Steel manufacturing

  • Manufacturing of electrical equipment

  • Fintech

  • Agri-business

  • Neutraceuticals

  • Consumer products

  • Luxury goods


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