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Retail and Consumer Brands

Our expertise enables us to assist companies with existing retail and consumer brands, or start-ups wanting to launch brands.

We can assist your company with:

  • Optimizing growth strategies for conventional retail and e-commerce directions.

  • Product development for start-up or early-stage, growing companies.

  • Developing and implementing corporate finance and investor relations strategies.

  • Developing and implementing "go to"marketing strategies and campaigns.

  • Strategies to develop and grow brands.

  • Customer profiling.

  • Developing a cost-effective customer acquisition strategy. 

Cannabis Industry

he cannabis industry is now the world's fastest growing industry. It's added hundreds of thousands of jobs worldwide and is becoming a significant source of taxes. 

In a few short years, the cannabis industry has evolved into a number of business opportunities. These include:

  • Growing of cannabis or hemp.

  • Extracting or processing of cannabis or hemp.

  • Retail sales of cannabis, or products derived from cannabis or hemp.

  • Drug development focused on cannabinoids.

  • Ancillary, "pick and shovel" industries supporting cannabis or hemp businesses.

Whether you're currently involved or seeking an opportunity in the cannabis industry in the U.S., Canada or elsewhere, we have the expertise to assist you in evaluating and implementing your business plans. 

Our assistance in the global cannabis industry is extensive and includes:

  • Evaluating business feasibility in a specific country, or state.

  • Market trends, in the U.S., Canada, Israel, Latin America and elsewhere.

  • Software implementation and revenue modeling.

  • Assistance with user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)

  • For ancillary, pick and shovel business, we can assist with growth strategies and programs to increase market share.

  • For producers and marketers of cannabis or CBD brands, we can assist with product development, market research, private or white label strategies, influencer marketing, and digital marketing.

  • Determination of corporate finance strategies including assistance with creating investor "pitch" decks.  

  • Assistance to investors or entrepreneurs who are entering the industry through acquisitions to ensure that there is a smooth transition.

  • For extractors and processors, we can assist with business scale strategies, as well as manufacturing automation expertise. 


The way people do business is changing rapidly. More technology is available to help companies minimize costs and accelerate growth. Our team has worked on countless implementations helping middle market and enterprise organizations use technology to put them ahead of their competitors

  • Evaluation of business process..

  • Business-oriented review of sales and marketing technology.

  • Assistance in implementing tools that speed up demand generation.

  • Evaluation of revenue targets.

  • Cost reduction strategies supplemented by​​ automation technology

Emerging Industries

Over the years we have enabled hundreds of growing businesses and entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams. 

Our expertise includes the following industries and sectors:

  • Software and application development

  • Manufacture and sale of industrial products and commodities

  • Solar and wind energy

  • Medical devices

  • Steel manufacturing

  • Manufacturing of electrical equipment

  • Fintech

  • Agri-business

  • Neutraceuticals

  • Consumer products

  • Luxury goods