CBD Industry Growth Hack

Over 1000 qualified wholesale leads and automated closing funnel

Hello friends! As you all know CBD is all the rage right now. With our experience in digital marketing and cannabis business growth, I guess it was inevitable for us to get a few CBD clients. 

3 of our clients had the same problem when we started. They had a ton of products in stock and it was not moving fast enough. It was not moving fast enough because they did not have a proper sales and marketing process in place.

The solution to the problem was identified pretty quickly. Get more conversations with qualified buyers and track the conversation to close.

The objective was to do this with a calculated lean budget, and minimal personnel training, and a little guidance from yours truly.

We actually knocked it out of the park . Within 2 weeks' time we were getting overwhelming results. Take a look below. I will explain what it all means 


These are the tools we used

super low cost

Linkedin Sales Navigator

Why Linkedin sales navigator? Because it is freaking sweet. In all seriousness, Linkedin is the best tool and the best platform to engage decision-makers with budgets IF YOU ARE NOT DOING PAID ADS. We are able to segment decision-makers based on very specific variables so we know how to message them



We used this to organize conversations and deal opportunities. Nothing crazy. Just ensuring that the management team has visibility over predictable revenue. You could use pretty much any system that has open API's and deal tracking. I really like hubspot and Zoho


Email Marketing Software

Why email marketing? Well, it works. Anyone that send us their email I made sure that they got relevant updates for new products, news, deals etc...

Business Meeting

A Simple Step By Step Process

Define Your Buyer & Revenue Goals

How does your buyer represent themselves online? Basically you need to know how to find the people that will give you money. Then map out how much money you will make of each new client. This gives you predictable ROI goals

Create A List Of Buyers On Linkedin

Using the Linkedin Sales Navigator program you can create lead lists. We created multiple lists with different characteristics 

Create Messaging

Create a sequence of messages that offer value and collaboration to your prospects. The key here is that you offer some sort of insight and suggest a reason to have a conversation with a salesperson.


Now We Automate


This is the key to scale

No need to hire more staff. If you put together a predictable revenue roadmap and systems to automate outreach ROI sky rockets. By plugging all the


In 90 Days We Reached out to 3291 people.


36.5% of the contacts engaged and over 50% sent a mesage back.

But wait there is more


In 90 days this resulted in 287 qualified meetings


How Do You Turn This Into Revenue?

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If you follow these steps




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